Wednesday, July 9, 2008

In the beginning

For the first round of food I will be making bulk amounts of delicious vegan burger patties. The are based on brown rice and fresh veggies and nuts for extra protein. They have a great texture and are easy to cook. Gauranteed not to fall apart when you cook them. This is not mock meat but a great easy to cook treat. They can are sold fresh or frozen, (if you buy them frozen you have to defrost them before you cook them). They are $6 for 5 or $10 for 10.

Hommmus available in an assortment of reused containers from $3

Fresh lentil and potato curry in an assortment of reused cntainers from $3

Next will be jars of pre made delicious pasta sauce, for a great vegan meal in a hurry just boil the pasta and heat up this tomato basil and eggplant sauce. $4 per jar server 3.

Cakes will always be available but on request and for pick-up only.

A beautiful and simple vegan chocolate cake, with icing $10

An over the top vegan cheesecake that doesnt taste like tofu $20
(this can be made sugar and wheat free but even then I still dont think its health food)

Coming Soon!!
Roasted eggplant preserved in olive oil with garlic and basil.
Caramalised onions with honey and carroway.
Roasted capsicum with garlic mint and a little chilli.

As this is the first round I dont have any photos but they will come soon.

Delivery and pick up Sydney city and inner west only.

Any requests? Email me and I will see what I can do.